Call for Abstracts! The Virtual Pub Special Edition: “Speed” in Imaging

Published: 2021-02-18

Have you had an experience with “Speed” in Imaging or Image analysis that you would like to share with the Euro-BioImaging community? In collaboration with the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board, we would like to invite you to submit an abstract for a special edition of the Virtual Pub on April 16th, 2021.

We are inviting flash presentations of 5 minutes (3-4 slides without title slide) that address the topic of “Speed” in imaging. We particularly encourage early career researchers to apply! Here are some examples of interesting topics:

What is the fastest technology that your company/imaging facility can offer?
Any topic is possible, from camera speed, to scanning, to sample/animal loading, to parallel sample/animal imaging, to image acquisition with fast decaying probes/tracers, to zooming into your images...

What is the fastest imaging application that you have used?
From image acquisition times and protocols, to image analysis...

What is the fastest process that you have imaged?
From short lived proteins, to metabolism, to cellular signalling events...

Interested speakers should submit the title of their talk, their affiliation information, and a 3-5 sentence summary of their presentation to the organizers by March 9th.

To make this Special Edition even more “special”, the audience will vote on the best presentation and the end of the Virtual Pub and the winner will be awarded with a prize, sponsored by the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board.

Submit your abstract here:

What: Virtual Pub Special Edition: Speed in Imaging
When: April 16th at 13:00 CEST
Who should apply: All imaging enthusiasts, in particular, young researchers and early career scientists
Deadline for abstracts: March 9th


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