Correlated Imaging Series: Multimodal Imaging and Omics Analysis to characterize senescent cells

Published: 2022-11-21

On Friday, November 18th at 13:00 CET, Martina Marchetti-Deschmann, TU Wien, delivers a lecture on “Multimodal Imaging and Omics Analysis to characterize senescent cells” as part of the Correlated Imaging Series, brought to you by COMULIS and Euro-BioImaging.

Martina Marchetti-Deschmann introduces the concept of MALDI Mass Spectrometry based imaging (MALDI MSI) in the context of investigations on aging skin. Our skin is constantly exposed to solar radiation, high oxygen levels, and environmental pollutants and lipid oxidation is an already described senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP). Previously several oxidized phosphatidylcholines (OxPCs) were characterized in a semi-targeted lipidomic approach. We now went one step further and studied the localization and relative quantity of lipids in a 3D skin model. Our study aims to evaluate the epilipidomic effects via untargeted multimodal imaging focusing on OxPCs. We employed MALDI MSI to generate OxPC distribution maps in the skin model but also in skin biopsies from donors of different age. The synergy of mass spectrometry and high-definition light-microscopy and immunohistology images yield a detailed and comprehensive result for UV-induced alterations. 

Friday, December 17th at 13:00 CET

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