Euro-BioImaging meets the Spanish and Portuguese Microscopy community at SPAOM 2023

Published: 2024-01-18

From October 25thto 27th, the Spanish and Portuguese Advanced Optical Microscopy Meeting (SPAOM) took place in Faro, Portugal. This annual meeting brings together the Spanish microscopy community (REMOA) and the Portuguese Platform for BioImaging (PPBI), and alternates locations between Spain and Portugal.

The 2023 iteration was hosted by the University of Algarve at their campus in beautiful Faro. The University of Algarve/CCMAR forms part of the PPBI Node of Euro-BioImaging.

The meeting presented a great opportunity for Euro-BioImaging to meet with both national communities and our PPBI Node colleagues as well as hear about exciting developments in microscopy technology development and applications. The program was highly diverse, with topics ranging from marine biology to biomedicine and archaeology, and featured both an array of high-level international speakers as well as many great presentations from young researchers sharing their PhD and Masters’ projects using imaging. This diversity of speakers gave the meeting a very collaborative atmosphere.

The many excellent practical workshops from both industry partners as well as community members were appreciated by the attendees who packed into the seminar rooms to hear about the latest innovations, tips and tricks.

Euro-BioImaging also presented a special session at the conference, highlighting the opportunities Euro-BioImaging and Global BioImaging bring for researchers and imaging core facility staff.

We thank the organizing team for an excellent meeting and the chance to host a session on Euro-BioImaging, and look forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s meeting in Spain.

Opening of the meeting by the organising team

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