Funding opportunity for global access to Euro-BioImaging Nodes for Correlative Multimodal Imaging

November 6, 2023
Funding Opportunity Multimodal Imaging

Within the framework of the COMULISglobe project, we will be awarding grants to researchers from outside of Europe to access Euro-BioImaging Nodes for correlative and multimodal imaging projects.

Grants will be awarded for international (non-European) researchers accessing services at Euro-BioImaging Nodes. Each grant will provide up to EUR 4,000 in support of imaging projects employing two or more imaging modalities.

Travel costs, consumables, instrumentation access costs, or sample mailing fees are eligible costs. 

To apply for this funding, please complete the full Euro-BioImaging access application and indicate that you are applying for COMULISglobe funding in the application form. In your application, specifically highlight the ways in which access to multimodal correlative imaging technologies is particularly essential to your research question.

Applications will be reviewed for scientific excellence and technical feasibility, and will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. So don't wait to apply!

Selection criteria 

Applications will be evaluated by experts in correlative imaging and selected for funding based on scientific excellence and impact, and how central correlative and multimodal imaging is in achieving the intended outcomes. 

How the funding works

The grants will be delivered as reimbursements to the users and/or to their hosting Institutions after presentation of the related receipts/invoices. Please note: the party receiving the reimbursement is liable for any tax that should be imposed upon receipt of the reimbursement. Users will be provided with more details after award of the grants.

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