Towards sustainable operations – Workshop opportunities from the eRImote project

August 5, 2022
eRImote Training Opportunities

Climate change and the global pandemic have changed the way we work and interact with each other. From home office and virtual meetings to remote access to user services, many changes have been introduced that profoundly alter the way research infrastructures operate. The eRImote project, supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme under grant number No 101057557, is the first to consider solutions for digital and remote service provision across scientific domains and to look for transferable practices and new developments that will improve accessibility and resilience of RI infrastructures. Given this context, a series of eRImote Workshops will give core facility and RI staff the opportunity to share ideas and discuss remote/digital service provision and training practices. The first two workshops will take place in September. We hope you will join! 

Workshop on Remote training for RI users and staff & User interactions and networking in remote/digital service provision  

The first workshop of the eRImote project will explore remote training for RI users & staff as well as the impact of remote/digital service provision on user interaction and networking. We will explore these topics from the perspectives of different scientific domains via short presentations from experts. The workshop includes breakout rooms for joint discussion of solutions and challenges in the topic areas, as well as a panel discussion. The workshop is open to everyone and will be a great opportunity to learn more about the eRImote project as a whole and get connected with the community.

When: September 21, 2022, from 12-16:00 CEST/September 22, 2022, from 10:00-13:30 CEST 

Where: online

Who should attend: RI & core facility staff, researchers & RI users, industry representatives, across all research domains


Workshop 2 - Satellite Workshop on Green events - assessing and reducing the environmental impact of your training

eRImote is collaborating with the EOSC-Life and RItrainPlus projects on this Knowledge Exchange workshop focused on the Environmental Impact of Remote Training, organised by the ELIXIR-EMBL-EBI team.

This knowledge exchange workshop will share expert insights and facilitate a series of group discussions on the environmental impact of events and training. Attendees will reflect on their events/ training/ educational programmes, share their knowledge of where they and their organisations have the greatest environmental impact, and share ideas on how these can be overcome. 

When: September 16, 2022, from 10-13:30 CEST 

Where: online

Who should attend: Anyone involved in running events and training and wanting to learn about how to make their practices greener.  


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