The European Research Infrastructure for structural biology research

Structural biology is a diverse and far-reaching field. By deciphering the structure and dynamics of biomolecules, structural biology is unlocking the crucial mechanisms that underpin health and disease, and changing the way that we interpret molecular and cellular functions. The field is also in the midst of a revolution driven by advances in technology and methods, allowing scientists to correlate atomic-level structure and dynamics with functionality at the cellular level.
Instruct-ERIC is at the frontier of the integrative approach to structural biology, providing a single point of access to technology, training and expertise. Our research facilities in Europe offer access to a catalogue of technologies, from sample preparation to biomolecular and 3D structural analyses. As well as providing Open Access to scientific infrastructure, Instruct-ERIC delivers an extensive training programme in emerging methods, offers fully-funded internships, and awards pump-priming R&D funds for technology development. The services offered by Instruct-ERIC are available to academic and industry researchers worldwide, and fully-funded access is available to academic researchers from Instruct Member countries.


Through our specialist research centres, Instruct-ERIC offers access to over 60 different services, enabling a multidisciplinary approach to solving multi-scale problems in structural biology.
Technologies available through Instruct include:

  • Sample preparation - macromolecular and membrane protein crystallisation, nanobody production.
  • Biomolecular analysis - native and proteomic mass spectrometry, molecular biophysics.
  • 3D structural analysis - cryo-electron microscopy, bio-SAXS, NMR.