Microscopy Australia


Microscopy Australia is an Australia-wide network of university-based microscopy facilities. It provides open access to instruments, expertise and training for all Australian researchers regardless of their location. The instruments range from scanning and transmission electron microscopes, ion and atom probe instruments and X-ray techniques to light, confocal and super-resolution platforms. The full range of instruments and capabilities can be searched using Techfi™ – our online technique finder tool. This breadth of capability enables Microscopy Australia to support research in disciplines such as medical science and biology to art conservation, archaeology, agriculture, engineering, and nanoscience.

World renowned training

To support efficient operation of our facility and maximise access for researchers, Microscopy Australia has developed MyScope™, the freely available world-leading online training tool in microscopy and microanalysis, providing simulator-based learning experiences for new users.

Technical development

Our microscopists are on the forefront of technique development and application, not only supporting users with instrument operation but using their extensive knowledge to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to answer the important research questions posed by researchers.


Through national and international collaborations, particularly with Euro-Bioimaging and Global Bioimaging, Microscopy Australia share their experience of establishing and operating collaborative research infrastructure as well as learning with our international counterparts in the areas of best practice, new and emerging technologies, and data analysis and management.