The Canadian Network of Scientific Platforms


The Canadian Network of Scientific Platforms (CNSP) is a Canada-wide network that was founded in 2017 for infrastructure platforms from all disciplines from engineer to physical sciences, life sciences and health sciences. Canada Bioimaging (CBI) is the first technology node under the CNSP umbrella and has support from the Canadian Cytometry and Microscopy Association (CCMA) and the microscopical society of Canada (MSC). Canada BioImaging currently represents ~100 imaging facilities with nearly 200 members from 40 different universities and institutions.

Quality management

Contribute to global initiatives to establish affordable samples and detailed reliable protocols for quality management for light and electron microscopy.

Data management

Develop a national strategy for microscopy data storage and management that follows international guidelines.

Training education

The Canada Bioimaging community is already running cutting edge training programs. The network will coordinate and streamline training initiatives to avoid duplication of efforts, continue to offer existing training courses and develop new world class training in rapidly developing technology areas.

New technologies

The community will identify key emerging technologies and keep the community informed. as technologies become more established and mainstream training regimes will be developed.