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Here you can view or download various documents relating to Euro-BioImaging that might be of interest. The first two documents, Privacy policy and Terms and conditions, are important for all users of Euro-BioImaging services and this Web Portal. They can also be accessed from the links always at the bottom of the Web Portal.

About using Euro-BioImaging services and Web Portal

  • Privacy policy (Describes what personal data Euro-BioImaging collects about you, and how it uses this information and keeps it safe – will become available when Euro-BioImaging is fully operational)
  • Terms and conditions (Important information about using Euro-BioImaging services and this web portal – will become available when Euro-BioImaging is fully operational)
  • Temporary Privacy policy and terms and conditions (a simpler, combined document serving as the temporary replacement for the above two documents until Euro-BioImaging is fully operational and the full documents are released)
  • List of Euro-BioImaging Nodes and technologies

General about Euro-BioImaging

Call for Nodes 2020

In March 2020, Euro-BioImaging will launch its next Call for Nodes through an online application form. Cutting-edge imaging facilities hosted by Euro-BioImaging member states and prospective member states will be invited to submit their Expression of Interest to become part of this new European research infrastructure for imaging technologies in the life sciences, to openly offer their services to all European scientists and beyond. If you are interested in this call, you can already find the procedure, criteria and the application questions below.

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