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Here you can view or download various documents relating to Euro-BioImaging that might be of interest. The first two documents under "About using Euro-BioImaging services and Web Portal", Privacy policy and Terms and conditions, are important for all users of Euro-BioImaging services and this Web Portal. They can also be accessed from the links always at the bottom of the Web Portal.

Annual report 2020

Euro-BioImaging annual report 2020

Call for Nodes 2020

In March 2020, Euro-BioImaging launched its 2020 Call for Nodes. Cutting-edge imaging facilities hosted by Euro-BioImaging member states and prospective member states were invited to submit their Expression of Interest to become part of this new European research infrastructure for imaging technologies in the life sciences, to openly offer their services to all European scientists and beyond. The deadline for applications was 30 June 2020. (The applications were submitted via Survey Monkey Apply: . The call is now closed.) The procedure, criteria and the application questions are listed below.

About using Euro-BioImaging services and Web Portal

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