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Here you can view or download various documents relating to Euro-BioImaging that might be of interest. The first two documents, Privacy policy and Terms and conditions, are important for all users of Euro-BioImaging services and this Web Portal. They can also be accessed from the links always at the bottom of the Web Portal.

About using Euro-BioImaging services and Web Portal

  • Privacy policy (Describes what personal data Euro-BioImaging collects about you, and how it uses this information and keeps it safe – will become available when Euro-BioImaging is fully operational)
  • Terms and conditions (Important information about using Euro-BioImaging services and this web portal – will become available when Euro-BioImaging is fully operational)
  • Temporary Privacy policy and terms and conditions (a simpler, combined document serving as the temporary replacement for the above two documents until Euro-BioImaging is fully operational and the full documents are released)
  • List of Euro-BioImaging Nodes and technologies

General about Euro-BioImaging

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