Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassadors

The goal of the Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassadors program is to raise awareness about the services and opportunities provided by Euro-BioImaging. Our Scientific Ambassadors act as catalysts, connecting with like-minded individuals who share a common goal to make an impact in their communities. By effectively communicating the services offered by Euro-BioImaging, our Scientific Ambassadors play a crucial role in expanding the reach of Euro-BioImaging. Through their advocacy and engagement, Scientific Ambassadors help foster a greater understanding of Euro-BioImaging services, making imaging technologies more accessible for researchers and creating opportunities for collaboration, scientific advancement, and innovation in the field of bioimaging.

Meet our Scientific Ambassadors

Why you should become a Scientific Ambassador

You should become a Scientific Ambassador if you believe in the Euro-BioImaging mission of providing open access to imaging expertise and want to help spread the word about this fabulous opportunity to other researchers. But being a Scientific Ambassador can also contribute to your personal and career development. As a Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassador, you can expect a range of valuable offerings and support throughout your journey:

  • Welcome pack: Upon joining the program, you will receive a special welcome pack containing branded items such as a t-shirt, stickers, bag, pen, notebook, etc. These items not only serve as a token of appreciation but also allow you to proudly represent Euro-BioImaging.
  • Training by Euro-BioImaging staff: Euro-BioImaging is committed to equipping its Scientific Ambassadors with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. You will receive training directly from the experienced staff at Euro-BioImaging, ensuring you have a solid understanding of the organization, its mission, and the scientific principles it operates on.
  • Presentation and teaching materials: To support your advocacy efforts, Euro-BioImaging will provide you with materials that can be used for presentations, teaching, or workshops. These resources will help you effectively communicate the benefits and opportunities offered by Euro-BioImaging to your community and beyond.
  • Recognition on the Euro-BioImaging website: Your role as a Scientific Ambassador will be acknowledged and highlighted on the Euro-BioImaging website and social media. Your activities and achievements will be showcased, demonstrating the impact you are making and serving as an inspiration for others.
  • Networking opportunities: As a Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to network with professionals from Euro-BioImaging and other ambassadors. This networking provides a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and building meaningful connections within the scientific community.
  • Personnalized support and guidance: The Euro-BioImaging team is dedicated to providing personnalized support and guidance throughout your ambassadorial journey. Whether you have questions, need assistance with organizing events, or require advice on engaging your community, the Euro-BioImaging team will be there to help you every step of the way.
  • Growth opportunities: Euro-BioImaging is committed to supporting your personal and professional growth. If you have a particular area of interest within bioimaging, the organization will endeavour to provide resources, connections, and opportunities to further develop your expertise and expand your knowledge in that field.
  • Increased visibility: As a Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassador, you will gain increased visibility both for yourself and your community. Your active involvement and contributions to the program will be recognized and celebrated. Euro-BioImaging will actively promote and highlight your activities through its various communication channels, including social media platforms, and newsletters. This visibility showcases the impactful work you are doing as an ambassador, inspiring others to engage with Euro-BioImaging and its services.


How it works

The Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassadors program follows a structured process that consists of three distinct phases that unroll over the course of 6 months in close collaboration with Euro-BioImaging Hub team staff. 

Onboarding phase

During the onboarding phase, which lasts for approximately one month, you will be introduced to Euro-BioImaging along with other selected Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassadors. This phase aims to foster a sense of community and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of Euro-BioImaging's mission, services, and opportunities. You will have the chance to explore different aspects of Euro-BioImaging and identify which areas are most interesting to you and where you would like to further develop your knowledge.

Running phase

Once the onboarding phase is complete, the running phase begins, spanning a period of six months (Spring to Autumn). This phase allows you to choose your preferred activities from a diverse portfolio of options offered by Euro-BioImaging, or propose your own innovative ideas. The aim is to provide you with a range of impactful activities that align with your interests and strengths. Whether you prefer disseminating information at conferences, developing educational materials, conducting interviews with members of the community, writing news articles, informing your community about the opportunities provided by Euro-BioImaging, or organizing local events, the choice is yours! You will have the freedom to carry out activities that not only contribute to the promotion of Euro-BioImaging but also bring you joy and fulfilment.


Lastly, the offboarding phase marks the conclusion of your journey. As a token of appreciation for your dedication and efforts, we will award you with a digital badge that recognizes your contribution as a Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassador. This ensures that the valuable work you have done continues to benefit others beyond the program. We will collect your feedback and impressions on the process of being a Euro-BioImaging ambassador, so you can shape the continued development of this program. And your profile will stay on our website!

What are the requirements?

Students and young researchers are specifically encouraged to apply. To become a Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassador, there are certain requirements that we look for in potential candidates:

Must have: 

  • We seek individuals who are passionate about the field of imaging and are eager to make a positive impact. Scientific Ambassadors should be enthusiastic advocates for Euro-BioImaging's services and opportunities.
  • It is important that the Scientific Ambassadors align with Euro-BioImaging's values and mission:
    • To provide open access, services and training to state-of-the-art imaging technologies for all life scientists in Europe and beyond.
    • To foster the liaison and cooperation of all its stakeholders (including scientists, industry, and national and European authorities).
  • Experience in the imaging field: This experience can range from academic research to practical applications in the imaging field or related.
  • European residency

Nice to have: 

  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are essential for effectively conveying the message and values of Euro-BioImaging.
  • Familiarity with Euro-BioImaging Services: It is a plus if applicants have previously utilized Euro-BioImaging services. This firsthand experience allows Scientific Ambassadors to effectively communicate the benefits and value of these services to others.

As the focus of this program is to extend the reach of Euro-BioImaging to new communities, Node staff and members of Euro-BioImaging governing bodies are not eligible to apply. 

What can you expect from the program?

Time Commitment

  • Flexible: The Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassadors program offers flexibility in terms of time commitment. You can choose activities that align with your interests and fit your schedule.
  • Ambassadorship calls: We will organize networking sessions for ambassadors to connect with their peers and Euro-BioImaging staff. We strive to make these calls accessible and considerate of different time zones.
  • Expected dedication: We anticipate ambassadors to spend at least 2 sessions of 2 hours in online meetings during the onboarding phase. During the running phase, we are expected Scientific Ambassadors to complete at least one activity. It is entirely up to Scientific Ambassadors to make the most of the program.

How to apply?

Currently, we are not accepting applications to our Scientific Ambassador program. We hope to reopen the application process soon. The application form will require you to provide relevant information about yourself, including your background, experience, and motivation for becoming a Euro-BioImaging Scientific Ambassador.

How does the selection work?

The selection process involves a panel composed of Euro-BioImaging Hub staff members. They will review applications and assess candidates based on their qualifications, passion, alignment with Euro-BioImaging's values, and potential to effectively represent the organization. The panel will carefully evaluate each application and make informed decisions regarding the selection of ambassadors who demonstrate the strongest fit with the program's objectives and requirements. We will aim for a diversity of activities of interest, expertise, background, gender, and geographic location among the selected ambassadors.

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