World of Imaging

As Euro-BioImaging has specifically been established to enable open access to cutting-edge imaging technologies, we are obviously interested in how open access and open science are being developed globally. In this series, Euro-BioImaging visits open access imaging infrastructures around the world and brings important insights to the community.


Africa Microscopy Initiative

Our first stop is in South Africa, where a small Euro-BioImaging team had the privilege and opportunity to see an excellent example of open access being established in Africa. Read the full story here.

Teng-Leong Chew & John Eriksson discuss the Africa Microscopy Initiative

Caron Jacobs, Digby Warner & John Eriksson discuss the Africa Microscopy Initiative

Ben Loos, Lize Engelbrecht & John Eriksson - AMI & South Africa BioImaging

Stephani Otte, Vladimir Ghukasyan & John Eriksson - Chan Zuckerberg Intitiative

Christopher Karp & John Eriksson - Gates Foundation

Danish BioImaging

Our next stop is in Denmark, where Clara Prats, the coordinator of Danish BioImaging explains the core expertise of this mulit-modal, multi-sited Node, ranging from plant biology, HCS of yeast libraries, zoology, pathology, neurosciences and metabolism.

Danish BioImaging

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