New technologies

Innovation in imaging technologies in life sciences is continuous, fast and exciting. To remain at the technological forefront, Euro-BioImaging has established a workflow to ensure that new technologies are continuously integrated by the community into our portfolio. Anyone can suggest new technologies to us at any time!

Suggest a new imaging technology

Whether you are a technology developer, provider or Euro-BioImaging user, use this simple form to inform us of a new imaging technology. The technology may be either completely new, or new to Euro-BioImaging.
After you have made a suggestion for a new technology, the workflow for its inclusion into the Euro-BioImaging portfolio is:

  • The technology is Showcased by a person or group to demonstrate the user need, its relevance to the scientific community and user access feasibility. (Not all suggestions lead to Showcasing.)
  • A Proof-of-Concept study is arranged to confirm that the new technology can be offered as an open access service via Euro-BioImaging.
  • After a successful Proof-of-Concept, the technology is accepted into the Euro-BioImaging portfolio and becomes available to everyone.

To Euro-BioImaging Nodes: If you wish to add more technologies from the Euro-BioImaging portfolio to your Node, use this simple form.

See below for more information and current Showcasing and Proof-of-Concept studies.

Showcasing new imaging technologies

Any technology developer/provider/imaging facility at a public research institution/university in Europe which is offering a new technology to external users can do Showcasing - it is not limited to Euro-BioImaging Nodes. In fact, Showcasing can also be a stepping-stone for becoming a Euro-BioImaging Node. Euro-BioImaging does not coordinate Showcasing, but facilities are invited to inform us of ongoing Showcasing. Afterwards, a simple report needs to be sent to us, if the new technology is to proceed towards becoming a Euro-BioImaging technology.

  • If you are about to start Showcasing, please tell us about it, so we can advertise your Showcasing.
  • If you are a user and interested in a technology being Showcased, tell us about it. This will help us in making it a Euro-BioImaging technology.
  • If you have completed Showcasing, please send us a simple report.

Currently ongoing/completed Showcases

(Please see below for a list of technologies that have already moved from Showcasing to Proof-of-Concept studies.)

Proof-of-Concept studies

A new technology with user need and a functional access model demonstrated by the Showcasing process is included in the first available round of Proof-of-Concept studies. At this point, access to the technology is possible via Technologies on our Web Portal, just like for any other technology, but for a defined time period. Technologies undergoing Proof-of-Concept studies are marked with a star (*) in the technology listing. If the Proof-of-Concept studies are successful, the technology is then included into the Euro-BioImaging portfolio permanently.

  • Visit our Proof-of-Concept page to learn more about the new technologies Euro-BioImaging offers.
  • If you are a Node wishing to offer a technology for a proof-of-concept study, please let us know by sending an email to

Currently ongoing proof-of-concept studies

Biological imaging:

Animal/plant and human imaging:

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