Funding User Access through AgroServ

AgroServ is a transdisciplinary project (2022-2027) funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe programme. It supports the agroecology research community by funding interdisciplinary agroecology research projects towards sustainable and resilient agri-food systems exploring topics in plant biology, in interaction with water, soil, and microorganisms.

Euro-BioImaging is a partner in the AgroServ consortium along with 12 other research infrastructures and partners in 23 countries. Euro-BioImaging is coordinating and providing open access to a portfolio of cutting-edge Biological and Biomedical imaging services through 9 Euro-BioImaging Nodes* (see map below) across Europe.

How the application process works

AgroSERV 2nd call for application

Access is granted on the basis of scientific excellence through a two-step application procedure to ensure feasibility of the projects and their scientific quality.

1st Step : Pre-proposals (Internal expression of interest) - Deadline : 9th of August 2024, at 12:00 am CEST

2nd Step : Full Proposals - Deadline : 30th of September 2024, at 16.00 CEST

Before submitting your pre-proposal, Euro-BioImaging experts can advise you on how best to design your project. Based on your scientific question, we can recommend a Node from within our family and help you select additional services from partner research infrastructures. You can contact our experts at

Services Euro-BioImaging Nodes provide within AgroServ:

Various imaging technologies specifically adapted to plant imaging:

  • Automated high-throughput multi-sensor plant phenotyping
  • Anatomical phenotyping including measuring large plant structures
  • High-resolution episcopic, volume EM and super-resolution microscopy
  • Biosensors imaging and dedicated biosensor development applied to plants
  • Ultrafast fluorescence microscopy for studying photosynthesis in cells and chloroplasts
  • Tracking of metabolites & plant stress response, including in plant-insect and plant-microorganism interactions
  • PET, CT and MRI for plants, including portable PET

Euro-BioImaging Nodes also offer support and associate services specific for plant biology research, such as:

  • Access to greenhouses and phytotrons, plant breeding & plant nutrition
  • Expertise in plant biology, soil biology, bacterial biofilms, marine organisms
  • Specifically adapted microscopes with vertical imaging chambers and/or microfluidic devices

Visit the full catalogue on the AgroServ website here.

Which Nodes are involved? 

Map of Euro-BioImaging Nodes providing imaging expertise & related services in the AgroServ project.