canSERV Kick-off meeting in Brussels

Published: 2022-09-22

On September 15, the Horizon EU-funded canSERV project, led by BBMRI ERIC, kicked off in Brussels. This project brings together 19 partners including European life science research infrastructures and other key organizations in the field of oncology to support the EU Cancer Mission. At the kick-off meeting, Euro-BioImaging Director General, John Eriksson, and Scientific Project Manager, Alessandra Viale, in collaboration with Claudia Alen Amaro of Instruct ERIC, presented the outset for the portfolio of imaging services that will soon be available to support Cancer Research projects within the canSERV project.

Read the full press release:

Euro-BioImaging’s contribution to canSERV

In this project, Euro-BioImaging ERIC co-leads Work Package 2 alongside Instruct ERIC, and in collaboration with other partner research infrastructures, will provide the biological and biomedical imaging technologies, structural biology methods, genomics and analytical pipelines for addressing fundamental cancer research questions at a molecular, cellular and whole organism level. 

Imaging services will contribute to:

Twenty-eight Euro-BioImaging Nodes are involved in this project, and are excited to provide their expertise in support of user projects within the context of this project. 

canSERV key points

Total project funding: 14.9 M Euros

Number of partners: 19

Project duration: 3 years

Project coordinator: BBMRI ERIC

Euro-BioImaging Director General, John Eriksson, at the canSERV kick-off meeting in Brussels. 

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