EBRAINS – Euro-BioImaging workshop series

Published: 2023-05-16

Euro-BioImaging ERIC and EBRAINS are Research Infrastructures that offer complementary services to neuroscientists, namely advanced imaging technologies for neuroscience, and data and knowledge services for neuroimaging and neuroscience research. We are launching a workshop series to provide an overview of the services provided by both Infrastructures, highlighting complementarities. This workshop series will demonstrate the potential areas of collaboration, leverage each other's expertise and resources to create more comprehensive solutions for research challenges and advanced services, ultimately driving scientific progress and innovation on brain science in Europe and beyond. For instance, EBRAINS' vast data and knowledge resources could be made available to allow Euro- BioImaging to expand its data processing capabilities, while Euro-BioImaging's expertise in imaging can provide valuable contributions to EBRAINS.

The workshop series include two events:

Join us on May 31

In this first event, EBRAINS will present their activities in Data and Knowledge services. EBRAINS will address the topic of Open Data versus Closed Data and how sensitive data can be made FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). The sessions will also feature practical use cases to demonstrate how anonymous metadata can be shared in the Knowledge Graph to make collections of sensitive data discoverable, followed by procedures for applying for access.

An overview of the imaging technologies of interest for the Neuroscience field available through Euro- BioImaging will be also presented.

The event is virtual and open to both Euro-BioImaging and EBRAINS community. It will also be recorded for making it available through the Euro-Bioimaging channels (www.eurobioimaging.eu) and the EBRAINS platform for further consultation.

We hope you will attend!

Full program: https://files.ebrains.eu/file/0bfc8f4a-f413-4e1f-b72d-6bedd52e6bc7/EBRAINS-and-Euro-Bioimaging-2023-workshop-programme.pdf

Register: https://forms.office.com/e/fJntx5qdzn.

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