Euro-BioImaging is at ELMI 2023!

Published: 2023-06-06

This week, Euro-BioImaging Hub team members will attend ELMI 2023 in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. We are planning lots of opportunities to meet up during the coffee breaks at our booth #50, which is right next to NL-BioImaging’s booth. Please find the schedule of events at our booth as well as other opportunities to meet with the Euro-BioImaging Hub Team below. Stop by – we look forward to seeing you there!

Meet the Euro-BioImaging Nodes – Coffee break sessions

If you are part of a Euro-BioImaging Node and want to present your Node at the Coffee Break, stop by our booth so we can set up a time.

Wednesday, June 7:

10:15 Coffee Break

15:15 Coffee Break

Thursday, June 8:

10:45 Coffee Break

15:15 Coffee Break

Friday, June 9:

10:50 Coffee Break

Euro-BioImaging Hub Team

Wednesday, June 7, Poster Session - 18:00-19:00

Thursday, June 8, Plenary Room – 13:15-13:30

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