Euro-BioImaging will be at WMIC in Prague this week!

Published: 2023-09-05

We are very excited to attend the World Molecular Imaging Congress event from September 5-9, 2023. Euro-BioImaging team members will be at Booth 2, so please stop by to meet with our team. They will tell you more about how Euro-BioImaging provides access to biological and biomedical imaging technologies & expertise at some of Europe’s most prestigious facilities.

This event promises to be a unique platform for attendees to exchange ideas, present the latest scientific developments, and engage in fruitful discussions on the most recent advancements and challenges in molecular imaging. We look forward to the exciting plenary & poster sessions to learn more about the cutting-edge science that is happening in the global community thanks to molecular imaging approaches.

Ludek Sefc, Coordinator of Euro-BioImaging's Center for Advanced Preclinical Imaging (CAPI) Node, will present "Cooperation imaging nodes with industry -CAPI experience on preclinical imaging" during the Workshop entitled "Operating the Molecular Imaging Lab in 2023: Does ‘Making Ends Meet’ Equate to a Truly Bright Future?" on Friday, September 8, from 8-9 am CEST in the Panorama Hall. We look forward to his talk!

It will be our pleasure to attend many exciting sessions at WMIC and meet with Node staff, partners and potential users!

Photo by William Zhang/Unsplash

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