Exciting Collaboration Ahead!

Published: 2024-05-14

We are thrilled to share a glimpse of our productive one-day mini workshop where Euro-BioImaging met with enthusiastic members of the Estonian bioimaging community. This engaging session was held to discuss national coordination and explore potential future collaborations, including the exciting possibility of establishing a new Euro-BioImaging Node in Estonia.

Big thanks to the representatives from Estonia:

Marko Vendelin and Martin Laasma, Tallinn University of Technology, Ago Rinken and Sergei Kopantšuk, University of Tartu, Indrek Koppel, Tallinn University of Technology, Margus Pooga, University of Tartu, Osamu Shimmi, University of Tartu, Tambet Teesalu, University of Tartu, Allen Kaasik, University of Tartu, Annika Vaarmann, University of Tartu, Eero Vasar, University of Tartu,  Sigrid Soomer, Estonian Research Council,  Aile Tamm, Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia. 

From Euro-BioImaging, Director General John Eriksson, Head of Operations Ilari Pulli, and Head of Legal Services and International Relations Amaranta Amador Bernal were there.

This was a very pleasant, friendly, and inspiring meeting, and we see excellent opportunities for a future partnership. Stay tuned for more updates on partnerships in European bioimaging technologies!

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