Expanding our imaging technology portfolio

Published: 2023-02-20

At the end of 2022, Euro-BioImaging significantly reorganised and expanded its technology portfolio, including a large number of novel imaging technologies that are provided to users under proof-of-concept study status.  In total, 34 new and cutting-edge technologies joined the technology portfolio, provided across a large number of   Euro-BioImaging Nodes.

We are very excited about the potential and impact of these innovative techniques, many of which are becoming available for the very first time in open access to a wide user base through Euro-BioImaging. In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting a number of these new and innovative imaging technologies and hear from technical experts at our Nodes about the potential impact and applications of these technologies. If you think one of these approaches could help you address your scientific question, we strongly encourage you to apply to use it via our website and benefit from the help of experts at our Nodes. Your participation allows us to validate new technologies and allows you to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in imaging research.

To ensure that our repertoire of technologies stays abreast with the fast development and the breakthroughs in imaging research, Euro-BioImaging has developed an official process by which high-impact technologies are permanently added to our portfolio. In the first step, technologies are selected - based on user feedback and suggestions by our Nodes. In step two, they are showcased, to prove they are fully operational for external users, before they enter the third step of the process, which is the Proof-of-Concept (PCS) study phase, after the successful conclusion of which they are evaluated by our Scientific Advisory Board and approved by the Board.

Introducing 34 new technologies

Our first successful PCS was concluded in 2022 and four technologies were added to our portfolio. With 34 technologies, the current PCS stands out due to the sheer volume of imaging technologies it represents; also because it includes a number of highly novel and still partially experimental techniques.

The new technologies represent a significant expansion on multiple fronts:

  1. • A continued growth of our Electron Microscopy portfolio brings on board a range of cryo-EM techniques, such as cryo-Electron tomography and cryo-FIB, as well as more correlative methods, such as Correlative X-ray Imaging and EM (CXEM), and cryo-FM.
  1. • In light microscopy, a number of new and highly requested methods, such as MINFLUX, Single Particle tracking and Lattice Lightsheet microscopy are now available.
  1. • Adaptive and support technologies, such as laser-based microdissection, Feedback Microscopy and sample preparation methods, such as tissue clearing and Expansion Microscopy, are also part of this PCS.
  1. • Spatial Transcriptomics is offered for the first time in open access - linking imaging and the -omics fields.
  1. • New methods for characterisation of physical and chemical properties of samples push the range of imaging support we are able to offer into new domains, providing e.g. information on elemental and chemical compositions and changes in samples.

This overview offers just a flavor of all the new technologies available and each one has many potential applications. To get the full picture of all that is available via Euro-BioImaging, we welcome you to visit our Technologies section of our website. We are really proud to present the research community this incredibly vast service offer and extend access to a wealth of expertise to the Euro-BioImaging user community.

Evaluating the service-readiness

Over the next year, these technologies will be continuously monitored to assess their performance in open access and relevance, to regulate their inclusion into the technology portfolio of the research infrastructure. In addition, the proof-of-concept study will be evaluated by the Euro-BioImaging Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which forwards its recommendation to the Euro-BioImaging Board for the final decision. By using one or more of these technologies during their Proof-of-Concept study, you are an important part of the process that allows us to continue to expand our offer.

Request access

All scientists, regardless of their affiliation, area of expertise or field of activity can benefit from Euro-BioImaging’s pan-European open access services. Potential users of these new technologies are encouraged to submit project proposals via our website. To do so, you can LogIn to access our application platform, choose the technology you want to use and the facility you wish to visit, then submit your proposal. All applications will be processed by the Euro-BioImaging Hub. As usual, users will benefit from advice and guidance by technical experts working at the Nodes, training opportunities, and data management services.

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