IL-15 trans-presentation is an autonomous, antigen independent process

Published: 2022-09-09

Euro-BioImaging is organizing an online User Forum on October 6, 2022, from 14:00-17:00 CEST. This event will highlight the importance of cutting-edge imaging technologies in support of fighting infectious diseases and showcase the specific expertise available at our Nodes across Europe through case studies presented in tandem with the research community.

At this event, Adám Kenesei, University of Debrecen, will tell us about FRET imaging work done at our Cellular Imaging Hungary Node, to better understand T cells and immunological memory (abstract below). 

Hear this talk and others like it on October 6 at the Euro-BioImaging User Forum: Fighting infectious diseases.




Adám Kenesei, University of Debrecen

György Vámosi, Cellular Imaging Hungary Node 

Interleukin-15 plays a key role in the long-term survival of memory T cells and thus, immunological memory. IL-15 is the only member of the interleukin family requiring cell-cell interaction for its function. During IL-15 trans-presentation (TP), an antigen presenting cell expressing IL-15Rα presents the IL-15 ligand to the IL-15Rβγ heterodimer on a T cell. We gave direct biophysical evidence for the intercellular assembly of the receptor subunits during this process. The first step of T cell activation is antigen presentation (AP) also taking place between an APC and a T cell. We studied cis and trans interactions between the proteins participating in these two processes by FRET measurements. We have shown that AP and IL-15 TP can take place alone or simultaneously, and that signalling by the TCR or IL-15R do not amplify each other. Thus, IL-15 TP can be considered an antigen independent process providing survival signals for memory T cells even in the absence of pathogen.

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