ISIDORe Project – Euro-BioImaging contributes to Europe’s pandemic preparedness

Published: 2022-03-08

Euro-BioImaging is proud to participate in the Horizon Europe funded ISIDORe project, led by ERINHA, that brings together 154 project partners from 32 countries around the world. This project, which had its kick-off meeting on February 24th, is designed to effectively support research on infectious diseases and increase pandemic preparedness.

Contributing to pandemic preparedness

ISIDORe will give researchers the ability to access cutting-edge technology platforms and resources in an efficient way across a wide spectrum, ranging from characterization of pathogens to vaccine development. Within this context, Euro-BioImaging, along with Instruct ERIC, will co-lead Work Package 9, to advise and guide researchers with structural biology and imaging projects, and provide access to structural biology, imaging and analytical services across multiple research infrastructures together with the partners VetBioNet, EMERGEN and INFRAVEC. In addition, Euro-BioImaging will contribute with other project partners to scientific coordination, FAIR data handling, quality management, training, communication and outreach in ISIDORe, as well as access to service provision for specific objectives (e.g. phenotyping of animal models).

Coordinating access to infrastructures

Arina Rybina, WP9 manager for Euro-BioImaging, explains “The focus of the ISIDORe project is really on the researcher and his/her needs to achieve progress in studies on infectious diseases. Within this project, we are pleased to work closely with our Nodes and other partners to advise and select potential research projects with an imaging component. We have a wide portfolio of imaging technologies and associated expertise. Easy access to this expertise and that of our partners, with funding from the ISIDORe project to facilitate transnational access to these resources, will greatly benefit infectious disease research across disciplines.”

Facilitating infectious disease research

Eighteen Euro-BioImaging Nodes participate in the ISIDORe project, offering state-of-the-art imaging expertise to enhance basic research, drug discovery, diagnostics, vaccines, and clinical disease management.

Along with our Nodes and project partners, we very much look forward to supporting COVID-19 and other infectious disease research projects. Please stay tuned to the website for more information about Open Calls for research projects and start dates of the different project components over the course of 2022.

More about the ISIDORe project

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