Join Euro-BioImaging and partners at the American Society of Cell Biology Conference

Published: 2021-11-30

If you are attending the Cell Bio Virtual 2021 conference, don’t miss our Networking session “Training at International Research Infrastructures: Case Studies in Bioimaging, Structural Biology and Early Drug Discovery” with our partner research infrastructures  EU Openscreen and Instruct

Research infrastructures play an important role in the training of their research community for both early career and established scientists. This can take the form of internship programs, practical workshops as well as the personalised training of users in the state-of-the-art technologies when accessing a facility. There are 13 European Research Infrastructures in the life sciences which work together to provide cutting-edge services across the broad range of life science fields. Come and have a chat with us if you are interested in acquiring expertise and advance your research project by collaborating with Research Infrastructures in structural biology (Instruct-ERIC), high-throughput drug screening (EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC), biological and biomedical imaging (Euro-BioImaging ERIC) and other areas. 

Registration is still open. Please register here: 

Date & Time: Thursday, December 2, 14:00 CET 

Full program:!/10458

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