Open Call to host CZI-funded ‘Molecules to Human’ boot camp

Published: 2023-09-08

Euro-BioImaging ERIC together with Global BioImaging, an international network of imaging infrastructures and communities, is pleased to announce the launch of an Open Call among Euro-BioImaging Nodes to host the Molecules to Human boot camp.

Molecules to Human (M2H) boot camp is a project coordinated by Global BioImaging and fully funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI). As such, the boot camp will provide an all-expenses-paid opportunity to receive theoretical and hands-on training in light microscopy and preclinical Magnetic resonance imaging to a cohort of 24 international participants selected from all over the globe. The boot camp will run for 2-weeks in Europe at a selected Euro-BioImaging Node(s).

Who will host the boot camp?

The venue of the boot camp will be determined by an open call among Euro-BioImaging Nodes. All Euro-BioImaging are welcome to apply. Through this process, the location of the boot camp will be selected based on a number of factors including the ability to support the event capacity-wise and prior experience in hosting similar international training events in the past.

This is an excellent opportunity for the participating Euro-BioImaging Node(s) to highlight their capacity and expertise in multimodal cross-scales imaging while providing a unique training opportunity to a global cohort of participants and building foundations for future collaborations.

Who will attend?

M2H will provide an all-expenses-paid training opportunity with an emphasis on equitable inclusion and representation of participants from under-represented communities. The training itself will allow successful applicants to deepen their understanding of imaging modalities, engage with each other and the faculty, to network and form collaborations across imaging scales and internationally.

About the Open Call

All Euro-BioImaging Node leaders will receive detailed information on the call and application process via email. For more information about the open call, please contact Johanna Bischof at the following e-mail address:

General questions regarding applications to host the M2H boot camp from Euro-BioImaging Node(s) should be sent to Gleb Grebnev at the following e-mail address:

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