Positive connectivity and community spirit at Euro-BioImaging’s Bio and Med Nodes Meetings

Published: 2020-01-09

In October 2019, the first physical meetings of Euro-BioImaging’s Bio and Med Nodes took place at EMBL (site of the Bio Hub) and Torino University (site of the Med Hub). Together with Node representatives, Hub team members, national imaging coordinators and Euro-BioImaging Industry Board members gathered at both meetings; resulting in lively, interactive discussions including: methods to boost user outreach; raising financial support for transnational user access to Nodes; and, the generation of new imaging products with industry. Round table discussions at the Med Nodes meeting also included hot topics such as: handling pre-clinical and medical imaging data; quality management, and; animal handling.

Each meeting ended with a feeling of positive connectivity and community spirit which will pave the way to fruitful next steps and lasting collaborations. A big thank you to the participants of both meetings for their enthusiasm and contribution to further strengthen imaging research across Europe.

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