Showcasing cutting-edge imaging technologies with Euro-BioImaging

December 8, 2020

In order to provide our users open access to relevant and up-to-date imaging technologies, Euro-BioImaging is constantly evaluating new technologies’ readiness for open access in collaboration with the imaging community. Johanna Bischof, Scientific Project Manager at Euro-BioImaging explains how this multi-step evaluation process works – and how the user experience is an important part of the inclusion of technology breakthroughs in Euro-BioImaging’s operational portfolio.

How is a new technology included in the Euro-BioImaging portfolio?

Showcasing is the first step in introducing a new technology to the Euro-BioImaging portfolio followed by a Proof-of-Concept study. The showcasing process is designed to show that the new technology fulfils two crucial criteria – user need within the community and feasibility of use of the technology for external users in open access mode. Therefore, during showcasing the new technology is made available to any user. For this purpose, showcases can take place at any public research institute – not necessarily a Euro-BioImaging Node.

Euro-BioImaging will promote showcased technologies, but as the technology is not officially offered by Euro-BioImaging yet, users must apply to use the service directly through the service providers at the research institute.

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If I have a technology that I would like to showcase, how do I do it?

If you would like to offer showcasing of a newly developed technology, you can simply fill in this form on the Euro-BioImaging Web Portal. We will then get in touch with you to discuss the details.

You are also welcome to contact us first at to discuss the showcasing you wish to propose.

How is the showcasing process concluded?

Once sufficient users have tested the technology in an open access capacity, the person or group running the showcasing can submit a showcasing report to Euro-BioImaging. This short report details the user experience gathered during showcasing and the open access approach.

The submitted showcase report is then reviewed by the Euro-BioImaging Hub staff to decide whether the technology passes showcasing. Once showcasing has been concluded, the technology can be included in the next Euro-BioImaging proof of concept study.

What is the difference between showcasing and proof-of-concept?

Showcasing and Proof-of-Concept are two separate steps in a process that allows Euro-BioImaging to keep up with technology advancement. Once a technology has successfully completed showcasing, that technology can enter the Proof-of-Concept study, if one of the Euro-BioImaging Nodes offers open access to it. During the one-year Proof-of-Concept study, the technology will be a provisional part of the Euro-BioImaging portfolio, thus allowing users to access it the same as any other technology. Once the Proof-of-Concept study is concluded, the technology gets evaluated by the Euro-BioImaging Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) based on the user benefits it offers, feedback from the Nodes and usability.

Why should I showcase a technology with Euro-BioImaging?

Firstly, showcasing can help make your new technology development better known in the wider research community. Euro-BioImaging supports and promotes the showcased technologies - and a wide range of users from many different institutes are made aware of the new technology through Euro-BioImaging and our Nodes.

Secondly, showcasing a new technology via Euro-BioImaging, means that our user community will establish the open access capabilities of the new technology. The technology will have been exposed to thorough real-world tests in a range of user projects.

If successful in the final SAB evaluation, the new technology will have the Euro-BioImaging stamp of approval for open access.

Can industry propose technologies to showcase?

We strongly encourage our industry partners to present their newly developed technologies to Euro-BioImaging and submit them for showcasing. To do so, the respective companies must ensure that their technology is available for use by external users at a public institution during showcasing, and at one of the Euro-BioImaging Nodes for the Proof-of-Concept study. The big advantage in this procedure for our industry partner is the exposure to new user bases that Euro-BioImaging offers. This unique collaboration is a win-win situation for industry and research infrastructures.

If you are an industry representative and are interested in showcasing a new technology developed in your company, please contact our Industry Board Coordinator (

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