We are hiring a Communications Officer in Turku, Finland

Published: 2023-09-13

The Euro-Bioimaging team is expanding! Euro-BioImaging ERIC is hiring a Communications Officer in Turku, Finland. If you are a dynamic and passionate communicator, we would be happy to receive your CV and cover letter by October 1, 2023. The full job description is below. Are you ready to elevate your career and be a part of something bigger? Come and join our outstanding team at Euro-BioImaging and shape the future of European biological and biomedical imaging!

Join Our International Team as a Communications Officer at Euro-BioImaging ERIC! 

Are you a dynamic and enthusiastic communicator passionate about science and technology? Your dream job awaits you at Euro-BioImaging ERIC! (https://www.eurobioimaging.eu)

We are a pan-European research infrastructure organization that empowers researchers with open access to world-leading imaging technologies, training, and data services in biological and biomedical imaging.

Location: Your New Home Base

You will be a part of our headquarters team in the beautiful city of Turku, Finland, but your work and impact span across Europe and throughout the world. In addition to Turku, you will collaborate with team members across our three Euro-BioImaging Hub sites, including EMBL Heidelberg, Germany, and Torino, Italy. You will also work with our Node community of 35 Nodes and 173 service sites around Europe, and you will operate under the inspiring mentorship of our Senior Communications Officer based at EMBL.

The Role: Be Our Voice and Vision, you will:

In collaboration with the senior Communications Officer, you will undertake the following:

Why This is Your Dream Job

What we expect from you:

Technical Skills, Qualifications & Experience

Organisational & collaboration skills

Compensation & Conditions

The appointment will be to a full-time two/three-year employment contract with a trial period of six months and a possibility for renewal. The salary is negotiable, ranging from €3000 to €4000, depending on experience and background. Overtime may be required to meet activity deadlines. National and international travel will be required occasionally for the purpose of meeting with internal and external stakeholders.

Euro-BioImaging is an inclusive, equal opportunity, and non-discrimination employer. The international nature of Euro-BioImaging Hub makes an attractive and inspiring working environment, offering a wide view on the biomedical imaging field in Europe as a whole.

About Euro-BioImaging ERIC

Euro-BioImaging ERIC is a joint effort of 16 countries and EMBL. This European research infrastructure is managed by the tripartite Hub, which consists of Finland as the statutory seat, EMBL as the biological imaging coordinator (Bio-Hub) and host of general data services, and Italy as the biomedical imaging coordinator (Med-Hub).

Euro-BioImaging services are provided by 35 Nodes (comprising 173 renowned imaging facilities), that are distributed across Europe. These services can be accessed by all scientists through the Euro-BioImaging Web Portal (1).

Specific information on the Euro-BioImaging Nodes can be found on the web page (2).

The Nodes provide access to over 100+ different cutting-edge biological and biomedical imaging technologies. In addition, novel technologies are constantly being included in the Euro-BioImaging portfolio (3).

1) www.eurobioimaging.eu

2) https://www.eurobioimaging.eu/about-us/eurobioimaging-nodes

3) https://www.eurobioimaging.eu/about-us/new-technologies

The mission of Euro-BioImaging ERIC as a distributed research infrastructure is to provide the European research community, collaborative partners and industry with world class imaging services that bridge biological and biomedical imaging and enable innovative and world-class research. Whatever the scale of imaging, Euro-BioImaging provides the tools and support to explore and answer research questions.

The Euro-Bioimaging Hub runs the day-to-day management of the organisation, promoting the research infrastructure nationally and internationally, contributing to the coordinated provision of access, services and training to state-of-the-art imaging technologies for all life scientists in Europe and beyond and finally, fostering liaison and cooperation across the broad bioimaging communities.

Are you ready to elevate your career and be a part of something bigger? Come and join our outstanding team at Euro-BioImaging and shape the future of European biological and biomedical imaging!

Application conditions, process, and tentative timeline

A letter expressing an interest in the position along with a CV and any other relevant information should be sent (electronically) by October 1, 2023 to:


After receiving full applications, potential candidates will be contacted, and interviews will be arranged. The appointment process is aimed to be completed within two months of its onset.


Informal inquiries can be made to:

Prof. John Eriksson, Director General


+358 50 4096624

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