We are hiring a software developer in Turku, Finland!

Published: 2024-01-22

Euro-BioImaging Statutory Seat team are seeking a colleague to be at the focal point of our Euro-BioImaging Web Portal operations - a key gateway for our global users - whose work will directly impact the accessibility of Euro-BioImaging’s services. 

In order to succeed in the position, candidates should have:

We consider as an advantage:

A Glimpse of Our Mission

Euro-BioImaging is a beacon in the bioimaging community. Our mission? To provide unparalleled access to state-of-the-art imaging technologies to every life scientist in Europe and beyond. Euro-Bioimaging is managed by a tripartite Hub - Statutory Seat, Bio-Hub and Med-Hub - located in Turku, Heidelberg, and Torino, respectively. We are committed to supporting and facilitating cooperation across the bioimaging community and promoting our research infrastructure on both national and international stages.

Seize the Opportunity

This is not just another job; it is your chance to be at the forefront of societally significant research, collaborating with the brightest minds and harnessing cutting-edge imaging technologies.

Responsibilities at a Glance

Shape the Future with Us

Apply by February 29 

Applicants will be reviewed throughout the application period, and the position is filled as soon as a qualified candidate is identified.Send your CV, a cover letter together with an expression of interest, and relevant documents to: :love_letter: jobs@eurobioimaging.eu or through LinkedIn application. Only applications including both CV and cover letter will be considered. Please submit a letter of motivation (including the names of two potential references or actual reference letters) and a CV in English, combined into a single PDF file in the format surname.name.CV.coverletter.pdf. After receiving complete applications, potential candidates will be contacted for interviews. The appointment process is targeted to be completed within two months of its commencement. For more information please contact Senior Scientific Manager Pasi Kankaanpää, PhD: pasi.kankaanpaa@eurobioimaging.eu

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