European Infrastructure of Open Screening Platforms for Chemical Biology

EU-OPENSCREEN is a Research Infrastructure (RI) of open screening and medicinal chemistry platforms, which enables small molecule studies in Chemical Biology. Scientists are enabled to use compound screening methods to validate novel therapeutic targets and support basic mechanistic studies addressing fundamental questions in cellular physiology – across human, animal and plant systems – using chemical biology methods. In fact, EU-OPENSCREEN integrates high-capacity screening platforms throughout Europe, which jointly use a rationally selected compound collection, comprising up to 140.000 commercial and proprietary compounds collected from European chemists. EU-OPENSCREEN offers to researchers from academic institutions, SMEs and industrial organisations open access to its shared resources. EU-OPENSCREEN will collaboratively develop novel molecular tool compounds with external users from various disciplines of the life sciences.

Access to technologies

The offered technologies can be accessed at EU-OPENSCREEN partner sites: advanced screening platforms and medicinal chemistry facilities. EU-OPENSCREEN offers a jointly used rationally designed compound collection and operates an open-access bioactivity database, which will be accessible on a global basis. Users are requested to submit project proposals to the EU-OPENSCREEN central office. Depending on the project requirements, the RI can be accessed remotely or on-site.
Currently, the offered services include:

  • high-throughput compound/drug screening (HTS)
  • access to the unique EU-OPENSCREEN small molecule collection (~140.000 compounds)
  • assay adaption
  • chemical optimization and profiling of preliminary ‘hits’
  • bioprofiling of donated compounds