National Imaging Facility


National Imaging facility (NIF) is an Australia-wide collaborative network of world-class imaging infrastructure, which was established in 2007 under the national collaborative research infrastructure strategy (NCRIS) program.

Connecting researchers with infrastructure, NIF provides open access to cutting-edge imaging technologies and highly specialized expertise to national and international users in three main themes of:

  • Molecular Imaging and Radiochemistry;
  • Human Imaging; and
  • Animals, Plants, and Materials Imaging.

Access to technoligies

NIF offers a wide range of imaging capabilities from molecular, pre-clinical (small and large animal), human, optical, and in-vivo imaging in addition to cyclotron and radiochemistry facilities.

The unique and cutting-edge technologies facilitate competitive research and innovation, as well as, multidisciplinary collaborations that are essential for world-leading research and addressing global challenges.

Access to highly specialized expertise

Through its network of scientific fellows, NIF provides expertise in project design, animal handling and ethics, best tools for image acquisition, and best practice in data analysis and interpretation, data management and curation, and data reuse.

Access to data services

NIF offers infrastructure systems for data transfer from instrument to repository, including automated capture and curation of metadata, with the option for researchers to publish the meta-data and the data. Trusted data repositories provide an extension to deliver durable, reliable, high-quality data, whereby data is certified to have been acquired according to an agreed process, integrated with a persistent identifier for the scanner used, and associated with relevant quality control data. NIF is also a partner in the characterization Virtual laboratory (cVl), which provides researchers with a desktop in the cloud, preloaded with the most popular image analysis software. NIF is committed to promoting F.A.I.R. data principles.