Cross-Node Job Shadowing

By facilitating staff exchanges among Euro-BioImaging Nodes, the Cross-Node Job Shadowing pillar enables Node staff members to glean insights and expertise from their counterparts at hosting nodes.

It is an opportunity for Node Staff to visit another Nodes within Euro-BioImaging, work with them, learn from them and exchange ideas and best practices. The program covers a range of topics, including scientific and technical fields, operational and management aspects, as well as data management. Furthermore, it will strengthen the Euro-BioImaging family of Nodes by connecting Node staff across Europe.


For Individual Node Staff

  • Attain new technical/operational skills and abilities
  • Experience a new work environment
  • Network with people in a similar field to your own

For Nodes

  • Promoting technical/operational development at Nodes
  • Stimulating participation in collaborative projects
  • Improving and harmonizing operational and administrative procedures

How does it work?

The initiative is open to all Euro-BioImaging Node Staff; technicians, administrative employees and Node managers are all encouraged to apply.

There will be a call every year for the three years of Evolve (starting 2024). The first round of applications opened on the 10th May 2024 with a deadline of 14th June 2024. Funds to reimburse visit costs are available to eligible applicants.

Know what you’d like to learn but not where to find it? We can help with a matchmaking service to find the right Node for you.

How to apply

If you are working as part of an Euro-BioImaging Node you should have received information on applications and our matchmaking service. If you haven't received this or if you have any questions, please write to:

The Job Shadowing initiative is made possible
through EU funding as part of the EVOLVE project