Euro-BioImaging Training Courses

In addition to promoting the excellent Training Courses offered by our Nodes, the EVOLVE project now allows us to directly provide Node staff with access to dedicated instruction and guidance to support them in their scientific activities as well as in the management and coordination of their Nodes.

The Training Course pillar is made up of two branches:

  • Euro-BioImaging Training Courses for the Professional Development of Node Staff. This structured approach is dedicated to comprehensive skill development tailored to the specific needs of facility staff.
  • Support to attend course organized by our Nodes, and potentially those outside of the Euro-BioImaging community.

Euro-BioImaging Training Courses

These courses aim to satisfy the Training needs of Node staff, and consultations with them are currently ongoing. Announcements with specifics details of course titles and contents will be made in due course. The general areas that will be covered are:

  • Technical, operational and management skills for imaging core facilities
  • Image data management and analysis
  • Provision of services and support to users
  • Dimensions of gender and sex in research

Support to attend externally organized courses

Financial support to facilitate Node staff's attendance at Node courses is also to be provided. The aim is to allow access to the widest range of events to expand expertise and knowledge. Those interested are invited to check the Training opportunities offered by our Nodes before considering external courses. Full details will be announced in the future.

For information, please write to

Euro-BioImaging Training Courses are made possible
through EU funding as part of the EVOLVE project