EMBL-EBI announces the launch of the BioImage Archive

Published: 2019-09-18

With the advances in modern imaging technologies, the wealth of digital imaging data is rising exponentially. While this will lead to exciting breakthroughs, new challenges are also presenting themselves. The storage of data, its complexity and interoperability are but a few of the challenges for today’s life scientists. In response to these modern imaging trends, EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) is expanding its remit to include bioimaging data. Through its new, dedicated resource for biological images, called the BioImage Archive, EMBL-EBI aims to make it easier for researchers around the world to store, share, access and analyse biological images.

The BioImage Archive is part of a wider EMBL drive to improve access to imaging technology and data. EMBL is also a founding member of Euro-BioImaging ERIC and hosts the Euro-BioImaging general data services as well as the Euro-BioImaging Bio Hub at its site in Heidelberg. To learn more about the BioImage Archive, read the EMBL-EBI’s press release.

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