Image data analysis services at Danish BioImaging Node

Published: 2023-11-27

Every bioimaging researcher needs to perform analysis of collected images to draw biologically relevant conclusions. The field of image analysis, including AI-supported methods, is rapidly growing - which although promising, could be challenging for many researchers to adapt, apply, and keep up with. That’s why Danish BioImaging Node provides a range of image data analysis services, to help users realize the full potential of their imaging data.

Danish BioImaging has revealed its comprehensive image analysis service for researchers, offered via Euro-BioImaging as part of a Proof-of-Concept study. Via the DBI-INFRA Image Analysis Core Facility (IACF), the Danish BioImaging Node offers quantitative image analysis services including guidance and advice, training in specific image analysis tools and project-based development of image analysis workflows. If you have image analysis needs, you can apply for Danish BioImaging’s services via Euro-BioImaging website (

BioImage Analysis project submission: and the Bioimage Analysts at DBI will assist you to analyse your image data and answer your scientific questions. If the development of novel image analysis workflows is required, the analysts will collaborate with computer scientists for solutions like, machine/deep learning-based automated 3D image registration and event recognition, etc. They are also committed to integrating the developed image analysis solutions into user-friendly workflows for life scientists and made available to the wider community for reuse.  

Call4Help Meeting: If you are not entirely sure whether your images are suitable for quantitative analysis, if you struggle to define your image analysis problem, or if you simply want some quick consultation, you can register for DBI’s free bi-monthly Call4Help ( to discuss your bioimage problem with expert bioimage analysts.

Training: If you are using a bioimage analysis software tool that IACF supports (find the list under and want to brush up your knowledge or go a notch further, you can inquire about software training.

Other recommendations

The success of scientific image analysis depends on multiple factors; it is hence important to initiate the conversation with the experts early in your project, ideally just after acquiring the first representative images. Furthermore, the quality of the images acquired is key and we recommend seeking guidance from your local bioimaging facility, and getting an imaging specialist involved in the conversation!


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