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September 5, 2023
Community Events

What a busy month it’s been! Euro-BioImaging team members have been busy spreading the word about open access to imaging services and expertise at a series of international conferences and events in August 2023. Here are some highlights.

2nd Bridging Nordic Microscopy Infrastructure (BNMI) Symposium, August 22-25, Odense, Denmark

Camilo Guzman travelled to Odense, Denmark, for the second BNMI Symposium to represent Euro-BioImaging. The aim of the meeting was to bring together scientists who develop or utilize biological imaging methods, the Nordic imaging core facilities, and representatives of industry to discuss projects and present the latest imaging technologies. Many Euro-BioImaging Node representatives & industry partners were there!

Check out the photo gallery compiled by Danish BioImaging:

BioCity Mini Symposium & 32nd BioCity Symposium, August 23-25, Turku, Finland

Susanne Vainio, Dorothea Dörr and Zorica Ruohonen represented Euro-BioImaging at the BioCity Mini Symposium, explaining the opportunities for open access to imaging technologies and expertise with PhD researchers. The Mini Symposium was followed by the BioCity Symposium, which explored the mechanisms regulating tissue architecture and homeostasis in biological organisms. Invited speakers hailed from across Europe and the United States. Our team members shared the great news about funding for imaging projects through CanSERV, AgroSERV and ISIDORe.

BioCity Mini Symposium
BioCity Symposium “Sculpting Tissues – cells, matrix and forces”

Finnish-Japanese Immunology Symposium, August 29-30, Turku, Finland

Camilo Guzman and Susanne Vainio represented Euro-BioImaging at this symposium that brought together Finnish and Japanese scientists to share and discuss the recent results in the field of immunology. Learn more:

Bridging Cancer Frontiers Symposium, August 29-31, Turku, Finland

In collaboration with HPV Horizon, Euro-BioImaging Director General John Eriksson and the Euro-BioImaging team organized a symposium entitled “Bridging cancer frontiers: Metabolism, Viral Oncology, and Global Infrastructure.” This event brought world-class speakers such as Sir David Lane of the Karolinska Institute and Douglas Hanahan of the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, EPFL, together with local Finnish cancer researchers, as well as two of Euro-BioImaging’s RI partners, BBMRI ERIC and ELIXIR. A wonderful event that revealed some of the newest approaches to metabolism and viral oncology but also explored the power and challenges of sharing cancer data across borders. The most effective funding models for cancer research were discussed and researchers provided their perspective on the utility as well as the under-tapped potential of research infrastructures.

Bridging Cancer Frontiers Symposium, Turku, Finland

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