Poland joins Euro-BioImaging ERIC with a new Node!

Published: 2021-06-29

The Euro-BioImaging ERIC is a consortium of European countries and EMBL that provide life scientists with open access to a broad range of technologies and resources in biological and biomedical imaging. The Euro-BioImaging Board is proud to announce that Poland has joined the Euro-BioImaging ERIC and extends a warm welcome to their newest member!

Poland has a vibrant national imaging community and was actively involved in the interim phase of Euro-BioImaging. Ever since 2011, Euro-BioImaging has been included in the Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructures, supported by the Ministry of Education and Science. Becoming an official member of Euro-BioImaging is crucial for the Polish research community to keep up with the dizzying pace of developments in bioimaging methods and stay at the forefront of key research fields, such as experimental biology and neuroscience.

"Joining forces with the great group of specialists from Euro-Bioimaging will allow us to expand our knowledge and research possibilities," says Jędrzej Szymański, the head of the Laboratory of Imaging Tissue Structure and Function at the Nencki Institute PAS. "Our membership will allow us to cooperate more closely with other core facilities to exchange experiences, e.g. through participation in various working groups or training activities. We hope that our participation in Euro-BioImaging will strengthen the position of core facilities in Poland and emphasize their importance for the scientific community."

As an official member country, Poland will send delegates to the Euro-BioImaging Board and vote on important issues to the future of research infrastructures across Europe. It will also benefit from Euro-BioImaging’s ability to leverage research funding opportunities and contribute to promoting imaging technology on national, European and global agendas.

In turn, Euro-BioImaging is pleased to welcome Poland’s excellent imaging capabilities and infrastructure. Poland enters Euro-BioImaging with a Node, the “Advanced Light Microscopy Node Poland,” a consortia of state-of-the-art imaging facilities that will offer open access to biological and biomedical imaging technologies and services via the Euro-BioImaging web portal.

The "Advanced Light Microscopy Node Poland" is coordinated by the Nencki Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) and includes Jagiellonian University and Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, with sites in Warsaw and Cracow.

The Polish Node offers open access to leading expertise, as well as instrumentation in a number of cutting-edge technologies, including confocal, wide-field, spinning disk, TIRF and scanning electron microscopy. It enables a multidisciplinary approach to scientific research, allowing researchers to keep up with the latest developments in imaging technology in biology and medicine.

The staff at the new Polish Node are really excited about the opportunities Euro-BioImaging represents and welcome increased scientific collaboration & exchange with partners from academia and industry.

Euro-BioImaging very much looks forward to working with the Polish imaging community in the years to come.

An overview of the imaging capabilities available from the Advanced Light Microscopy Node Poland. Image courtesy of the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology PAS.

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