Spanish Presidency of the EU Council: Renewed commitment to the sustainability of European Research Infrastructures

Published: 2023-12-04

Between September 25-26, representatives of the ERIC Forum, the organization which brings together the ERIC community to strengthen its coordination and enhance collaboration, attended the Research Infrastructures (RIs) event under the auspices of the Spanish Council presidency in Tenerife. Three main topics were discussed: Sustainability, global dimension of ERICs and science diplomacy. The conference was concluded by the publication of the Tenerife Declaration on “Global Dimension and Sustainability of Research Infrastructures” which by now has been endorsed by the EC and all 27 EU Member States.

Tenerife Declaration

In this declaration, member states renewed their commitment to ensuring the long-term sustainability of RIs in a challenging geopolitical context. The declaration outlines a number of areas where additional support would be necessary to help RIs to overcome the current global challenges. Euro-BioImaging ERIC appreciates the support of the Spanish presidency and the commitment of member states to ensuring that European research infrastructures continue to support cutting-edge fundamental science and contribute to excellence in European research and innovation.

To read the Tenerife Declaration, click here:

As ERIC Forum Chair, Antje Keppler was present at the Research Infrastructures week in Tenerife, representing the26 ERICs. She also represented the Global BioImaging network, an excellent example of how European RIs can foster successful global collaborations.

ESFRI Stakeholder Forum

The 2nd ESFRI Stakeholder Forum took place directly after the Spanish presidency event, on September 27. The event addressed the issues of funding, access and collaborations with the industry. Ilari Pulli represented Euro-BioImaging at this event, and Antje Keppler, as ERIC Forum Chair, joined the concluding panel discussion together with Michael Arentoft (HoU Open Science & Research Infrastructures) and José Luis Martínez (ESFRI Chair elect). Topics included industry, technology infrastructures and innovation.

To read the 2nd ESFRI Stakeholder Forum report:

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