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Euro-BioImaging is a research infrastructure that offers open access to imaging technologies, training and data services in biological and biomedical imaging. Euro-BioImaging consists of imaging facilities, called Nodes, that have opened their doors to all life science researchers.

Gateway to European biological and biomedical imaging

Euro-BioImaging’s mission is to provide you with imaging services that bridge biological and biomedical imaging and facilitate innovative and world-class research. Whatever the scale of your imaging, Euro-BioImaging will give you the tools and support to explore and answer your research questions.

Access to imaging technologies: We offer access to a range of imaging technologies to allow you image across the scales at one of our 35 Nodes, located in 16 countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL.

Expert training and support: Each Node is staffed with personnel who can provide the support required to maximise the output of your research project. Guidance is available for all aspects of the imaging pipeline, from study design to image capture. In addition, we provide access to training courses for all different levels of expertise.

Image data management: We help you store and disseminate your data and extract meaningful conclusions from your imaging.

Current activities


Within the framework of the COMULISglobe project, we will be awarding a total of 4 grants for access to Euro-BioImaging Nodes, specifically designed to support correlative and multimodal imaging.Two grants will be awarded to European researchers (inc...


Imaging technologies support research into the structure and function of plants, shed light on plant health, resilience and adaptability, and help answer agroecology-related research questions. The Euro-BioImaging User Forum “Understanding Plant Bi...


AgroServ is a transdisciplinary project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe programme, running until 2027. It supports the research community by funding interdisciplinary agroecology research projects. The supported research will co...


The Euro-Bioimaging team is expanding! Euro-BioImaging ERIC is hiring a Communications Officer in Turku, Finland. If you are a dynamic and passionate communicator, we would be happy to receive your CV and cover letter by October 1, 2023. The full jo...


From September 5-8, 2023, selected participants from the Australian National Research Infrastructure (NCRIS), ESFRI research infrastructures as well as EMBL met at the Monash University Prato Centre in Italy to discuss common priorities & challenges....

2023-11-29 to 2023-12-01

The Centre for Cellular Imaging, University of Gothenburg, part of our Swedish NMI Node, is organizing the first Cellular Three-Dimensional Volume – Correlative Array Tomography Workshop (CAT2023) from November 29-December 1 in Gothenburg. The CAT2...

2023-09-05 to 2023-09-05

Euro-BioImaging is organizing within the eRImote Project an Expert Group meeting about Remote training for Research Infrastructure staff and researchers on September 5th from 10:00 to 12:15 PM CEST.Register here:

2023-08-28 to 2023-08-31

Euro-BioImaging warmly welcomes you to join the HPV Horizon Symposium “Bridging cancer frontiers: Metabolism, Viral Oncology, and Global Infrastructure,” in Turku, Finland, from August 29-31, 2023. This event brings high-level speakers such as Si...

2023-11-06 to 2023-11-08

Portuguese Platform for BioImaging (PPBI) Node are delighted to announce the 1st edition of the "3D microscopy imaging with clearness" workshop organised by i3s that will take place in Porto from 6-8th of November. Clearing techniques are increasing...

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