Euro-BioImaging ERIC will launch with at least 15 founding members

Published: 2019-09-18

Since May 2016, Euro-BioImaging has enjoyed a successful interim operation; offering life scientists open access to imaging services across its 29 Nodes Candidates throughout Europe. The next step is ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium) status, and this will be launched with at least 15 founding members: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland (the legal host), France, Hungary, Israel, Italy (site of the Med Hub), Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, UK and the intergovernmental organisation, EMBL (site of the Bio Hub). Belgium will participate as an observer while Poland, and Spain are preparing their participation in the future. With their commitment, the founding members demonstrate imaging research as a national priority for at least the next five years, thereby supporting scientific flexibility and excellence across Europe.

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