Fast Track access to biological and biomedical imaging technologies for COVID-19 research projects

Published: 2020-07-22

In the battle against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, imaging technologies play a crucial role. From cellular biology to diagnostics and disease management, imaging techniques are enhancing research. Are you interested in using imaging technologies, but not sure how to access them? All scientists, regardless of area of expertise, field of activity, geographic location, or affiliation can benefit from Euro-BioImaging’s pan-European open access services to imaging facilities. Take advantage of Euro-BioImaging’s Fast Track for your SARS-CoV-2 research project and gain access to one of our state-of-the-art imaging facilities.  

How it works

In the current fast-paced research environment, many opportunities are available for COVID-19 related projects. If you have a research project that needs imaging resources, Euro-BioImaging can facilitate access to 45+ biological and biomedical imaging technologies in one of 33 Nodes. Nodes are internationally renowned imaging facilities - located across 14 countries and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, EMBL.

Applying to Euro-BioImaging

The application process begins by logging in to our portal. Then you choose the imaging technology you would like to use. Our website offers a complete list and description of technologies provided by country. Should you need advice in choosing a technology, our experienced Hub team is there to help you choose the best facility based on your requirements. Contact them at

Once you know what technology you want to use, and have chosen a Euro-BioImaging Node, you are welcome to reach out to the Node manager. The manager will be able to provide additional information about on-site services to help you fine-tune your application. Once this is done, you must provide information about the project and project team, including a CV for the principal investigator, a short description of the project, and resources needed via the online portal. The application form is straightforward and easy to complete. For Fast Track projects, no external review process is necessary.

Remote training & virtual access to facilities

Given the current context, which includes travel restrictions, many of our Nodes have updated their working procedures. Several Nodes are able to offer remote training courses to new users. For more experienced users, virtual microscopy is an option at many of our centers.  For molecular and preclinical imaging projects, remote access is standard practice at several facilities. Euro-BioImaging Nodes are adapting to the COVID-19 context so that key imaging technologies are always accessible to boost the productivity and impact of research across Europe.

Watch our video to learn more about the application process:

Learn more about available technologies at Euro-BioImaging facilities:

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