Full funding for COVID-19 research projects

Published: 2022-06-07

Along with its partners, Euro-BioImaging is pleased to announce that the First ISIDORe Call for user projects is open and accepting applications! Researchers working on SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 and its variants of concern, can apply for funding supporting access to a spectrum of technologies, services and expertise at 17 Research Infrastructures across Europe, including Euro-BioImaging.

The ISIDORe project, led by ERINHA (the European Research Infrastructure on Highly pathogenic Agents), brings together 154 project partners from 32 countries around the world. It is designed to effectively support research on infectious diseases and increase pandemic preparedness.

Matching COVID-19 projects with imaging expertise

Within this project, Euro-BioImaging is coordinating and providing OPEN ACCESS to a portfolio of cutting-edge Biological and Biomedical imaging services through 19 participating Nodes.

Euro-BioImaging provides advice and consultancy services to scientists interested in imaging technologies and related expertise. Our Scientific Project Managers - specialized in both biological and biomedical imaging technologies - are happy to exchange with you by phone or email. Their role is to support you in the application process and in choosing the related imaging technologies and expertise from our Nodes that would best enhance your results.

Researcher-focused funding opportunity

Arina Rybina, Scientific Project Manager at Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub, explains, “The focus of the ISIDORe project is really on the researcher and their needs to achieve progress in studies on infectious diseases. Within this project, we are pleased to work closely with our Nodes and other partners to advise and select potential research projects with an imaging component. We have a wide portfolio of light microscopy, electron microscopy and other imaging technologies and associated services. Easy  transnational access to this expertise and that of our partners, with funding from the ISIDORe project, will greatly benefit infectious disease research across disciplines.”

Alessandra Viale, Scientific Project Manager at Euro-BioImaging Med-Hub, adds, “Biomedical imaging technologies are essential for COVID-19 and other infectious disease diagnosis, monitoring of disease progression and side effects and therapy assessment. A range of technologies and services from Euro-BioImaging’s Nodes are available in ISIDORe to support researchers with their projects related to infectious diseases.”

To apply for transnational FREE ACCESS to Euro-BioImaging services, please follow the Guidelines on our website.

To get in touch with our Scientific Project managers, info@eurobioimaging.eu

For more information on the project and to apply, visit the ISIDORe website.

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