Open Calls from canSERV: Funding for cancer research

Published: 2023-10-12

Euro-BioImaging is pleased to announce that the first Open Call from the Horizon Europe-funded canSERV project is here! Cancer Researchers are invited to apply for FREE state-of-the-art services and training at several European Research Infrastructures, including Euro-BioImaging ERIC. Within this project, 28 Euro-Bioimaging Nodes offer access to their expertise. It’s an amazing opportunity for the cancer research community to access a wide-ranging portfolio of services.

canSERV invites applications covering the entire range of the oncology developmental pipeline, from supporting discoveries in fundamental research to translational science and personalised oncology, addressing at least one of the four strategic goals of the Cancer Mission:

Researchers from academia, industry and SMEs may apply for several service categories including:

  1. •disease models,

  2. •cutting-edge imaging and structural biology technologies,

  3. •biomarker research and development,

  4. •new therapeutic solutions,

  5. •complex clinical trial design and support,

  6. •personalised oncology implementation pipelines and recommendations and

  7. •regulatory support and tools to analyse the socioeconomic dimension of research activities.

Launch of the first call is today, Thursday, October 12, 2023.

Submission deadline is January 4, 2024 at 14.00 CEST.

The applications will be reviewed by an international, independent review panel and evaluated for scientific excellence, impact and need for the requested services.

The tentative budget for this first call is 1 Mio EURO.

For more information and call text please visit ther CanSERV project website or contact us at

About canSERV

As part of a concerted strategy to tackle the challenges of cancer, the EU-funded project canSERV offers more than 400 innovative cancer research technologies to European and non-European cancer researchers at all levels. The service, or a combination of services and training, can be requested to accelerate ground-breaking discoveries and their translation into clinical applications.

In line with Europe’s Cancer Mission and Beating Cancer Plan, canSERV promotes the development of concrete solutions for cancer by providing a comprehensive set of world-class oncology technologies and state of the art training to cancer scientists.

canSERV Enables Researchers to Cover the Entire Range of the Oncology Developmental Pipeline

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