Pleased to announce the Cancer Metabolism Series at the Virtual Pub

Published: 2024-03-06

The Euro-BioImaging Virtual Pub is pleased to announce the Cancer Metabolism Series in collaboration with the International Society of Cancer Metabolism (ISCaM) starting in May 2024. This series of lectures will take place once a month during the Virtual Pub, bringing together speakers from the cancer metabolism field with imaging experts from the Euro-BioImaging network in paired talks, or leaving the stage to cancer metabolism experts using imaging techniques, for exchange with enthusiasts from the biological & biomedical imaging fields in the Virtual Pub audience. 

Who should attend?

This series will be of interest to Euro-BioImaging Node scientists, imaging specialists, cancer metabolism researchers, students, post-docs, Private Investigators, and industry partners. Everyone is welcome!


Registration is free and open to all. Click on the link below to register to join every Friday:

About ISCaM

The International Society of Cancer Metabolism (ISCaM) aims to improve communication and foster collaborative activities and research programs between European and non-European scientists engaged in acidity, proton dynamics, metabolism, and microenvironment in cancer research.

ISCaM can consolidate, coordinate, and facilitate international collaboration, facilitate translation of research to clinical development, and fundraise for networking activities, scientific programs, projects, scientists' mobility, young scientists' grants, and career programs.

Their mission is to advocate and effectively promote their approach to cancer therapy in the scientific community, social community, Funding Agencies, and Governments and stimulate translation into clinical applications.

About Euro-BioImaging

Euro-BioImaging ERIC is the European landmark research infrastructure for biological and biomedical imaging as recognised by the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI). Euro-BioImaging functions as a gateway through which life scientists can access imaging instruments, expertise, training opportunities and data management services that they might not find at their home institutions or among their collaboration partners. All scientists, regardless of their affiliation, area of expertise or field of activity can benefit from these pan-European open access services, which are provided with high quality standards by leading imaging facilities. Nearly 200 imaging facilities across Europe are part of Euro-BioImaging ERIC.

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