ELMI 2022 – So nice to interact with our community!

Published: 2022-07-11

From June 7-10, Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub and Statutory Seat team members were in Turku, Finland, for ELMI 2022. It was the first in-person meeting of the ELMI community since 2019 – and thus the first in-person ELMI since Euro-BioImaging became an ERIC.  To celebrate, we had a large booth that was used as a home-base by our family of Nodes and friends and we had the great opportunity to meet with our Node colleagues, researchers, students and core facility staff from around the world.

Looking back, we want to thank the organizers for everything they did to make this conference so memorable! We really enjoyed the excellent talks, learning about new technologies, seeing old friends, making new connections, and spreading the word about Euro-BioImaging. So everyone can get a feel for this wonderful moment, our Multimedia Producer, Solveig Eriksson, shared some of her snapshots below. 

We enjoyed the opportunities to present Euro-BioImaging and the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board, with talks from John Eriksson, our Director General (top left), and Antje Keppler, Bio-Hub Section Director (top right). We also had posters during the poster session, including one from our Scientific Project Manager, Johanna Bischof (bottom left) and Claudia Pfander, the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator (bottom right). Thanks for the opportunity to present our research infrastructure and the Industry Board!

If you want to watch the ELMI talks on YouTube, check out the ELMI 2022 playlist from Turku BioImaging on YouTube. 

We loved hosting our Nodes and friends on our booth! Representatives from the Finnish Advanced Light Microscopy Node, Swedish NMI, Danish BioImaging, EMBL Node, Advanced Light & Electron Microscopy Node Prague, Austrian BioImaging, Global BioImaging and members of the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board were all there!

The ELMI Gala dinner took place in beautiful Naantali. Lovely dinner, great music, and a beautiful sunset. 

Many thanks to the ELMI organizing committee, of which Pasi Kankaanpää, our Senior Scientific Project Manager (left) and Camilo Guzmàn, our Scientific Officer (right), were part. 

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