New funding opportunity for Euro-BioImaging users

Published: 2021-03-17

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Italian User Access Grants Program. With this Program, sponsored and funded by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research, Italian researchers travelling to Euro-BioImaging Nodes abroad and international researchers accessing Italian Euro-BioImaging Nodes, have now the possibility to cover their travel and access costs. It’s easy to apply - users can simply tick the corresponding option in the user application form on the Euro-BioImaging Web Portal. Sustained costs will be paid directly to the users once the access is complete.

About the Italian fund for researchers travelling to Italy:

Are you working on an imaging project? Why not do it at one of the excellent facilities that are part of Euro-BioImaging’s Italian Nodes? The Italian fund for Euro-BioImaging user access covers travel and access costs for transnational researchers that carry out their imaging project at one of these facilities in Italy. The Italian Nodes will assist you in carrying out remote imaging projects. Don’t hesitate to apply, even if travel restrictions are in place. The Italian fund for user access covers remote user access fees as well.

Learn more about the expertise of our Italian Nodes at the following links:

About the fund for Italian researchers:

The Italian fund for Euro-BioImaging users also supports Italian researchers visiting any Euro-BioImaging Node across Europe by covering their travel expenses. So, if your “home institution” is in Italy and you have an imaging project that you would like to carry out at one of the state-of-the-art imaging facilities within Euro-BioImaging, please apply at or contact us at!

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